COVID19 Message

To all of our beloved patients and those with hearing needs

My name is Dr. Paige Helfer and I am an audiologist at Lakeside Audiology and Hearing Solutions and Lakeside ENT and Allergy. On behalf of myself and our staff, I would like you to know how sorry all of us are that you are going through these difficult times in our world today. Life is hard right now. We realize how much anxiety hearing loss alone causes people on a daily basis. We want to let you know that we are open and here for you.

Many of my colleagues in upstate New York have had to close their doors in light of the circumstances. Lakeside Audiology and Hearing Solutions/Lakeside ENT and Allergy are considered essential medical services. Hearing aids are essential medical devices.

If you need your hearing aids serviced, if you are a current patient or your audiologist is unavailable, we are here to help. If you need batteries or supplies, we are here to mail them to you.

We have implemented ways that we can communicate by phone, computer or mobile device. We can adjust many hearing aids remotely. We can FaceTime if you need additional education about your current hearing devices and solutions. We will come out to your car so that you do not have to come in to the office for service on your devices.

Whether you have a hearing loss that requires a hearing solution or you have a medical condition that is affecting your hearing, our team at Lakeside Audiology and Hearing Solutions have the knowledge and the resources to help.

We look forward to Hearing from you!

Dr. Paige Helfer